The Land 2023

Land Acknowledgement for Pleasures of Beltane 2023

The Pleasures of Beltane camp will be located within traditional Pomo territory near the village site Bu’ldam, at what is known as Mendocino Woodlands National Historic Landmark State Park. We acknowledge the traditional, ancestral, and unceded territories of the Pomo peoples on which our camp will be located. We sit in deep gratitude for this land and we acknowledge our traditional hosts, their past, and the generational traumas they have endured due to colonization and white supremacy. We acknowledge their leaders, past, present and emerging. 

The Pleasures of Beltane camp has made a donation to the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC) on behalf of The Coyote Band of Pomo Indians, the original stewards of the Jackson Demonstration State Forest, to change the way CAL FIRE manages the land. For more information and to donate:

Mendocino Woodlands

The Mendocino Woodlands is located northeast of the town of Mendocino. Directions to the camp will be included in a package you will receive prior to camp. You can find more information at

Camp 1 is nestled in redwoods and is very rustic. There are 2 cabin clusters we will have access to. The kitchen has 2 dining halls and there is a huge rec room that can hold an all camp ritual indoors. The cabins have fireplaces and assuming there is no fire restriction, campers will be allowed to use their fireplaces. Firewood is not provided but will be available at an additional charge. There is an open fire pit where outdoor rituals will be held, weather permitting.

Parts of Camp 1 are located on a slight hill and may or may not be accessible to all. There will be a car and someone to drive those people who need extra help getting to and from the dining hall and the outdoor ritual site.

The Cabins can accommodate 2 to 4 people; some are free-standing and others are duplexes. There are few tent camp spots. 

Campers will have access to some electricity and refrigeration. There is no phone service but there is a phone for emergency use.