Teaching at POB

We are currently accepting teacher applications for Pleasures of Beltane 2024. If you are interested in applying please fill out this google form: https://forms.gle/8ksKn3FWt2irsZBM8

Applications are due by Fall Equinox (September 23, 2023). We will be in touch with all applicants after the deadline.

Pleasures of Beltane 2023 Teaching Team

Sharon Pink

Hello, I’m Sharon Pink and I live my time on Squamish, Musqueam, Tsleil Waututh, Skowlitz and Leq’a:mel territory, striving to be a respectful guest through reparations, listening, tending the earth and responding to calls to action. 

I’m a queer leatherFemme witch, Tarot reader and priestess who has been part of kink communities since 2009, joining Reclaiming community in 2012 where I began teaching in 2017.  You’ll find me organizing, teaching and priestessing workshops, rituals and classes on Tarot, kink, magic and art, organizing leather care hangouts and other community connecting events.

My ancestral lineages from Portugal and Poland have been a portal for my close, yet quiet, connections with Wilgefortis and Marzanna. Both of these beings remind me of the importance of re-mything stories to account for a perspective different from what we are often shown.

I aspire to be in ways that are anti-white supremacy, fat liberatory, gender affirming, leatherQueer celebratory, Elder & crone honoring and sex worker positive.


Kiki Keskinen

Witchschool Canada

I am a 55-year-old open Witch with lineage of the 7th generation Celtic kind. A garden-fucking kind of Witch actually. I live sensually to stay young and vibrant in every way.  Nature enlivens the Sex organs and mind, and sensuality maintains it.  I love sex magic or imaginations of it and its elemental intimacies. I am the founder of a remote based witch school and host of various retreats for those who are witch curious and believe in our hilariousness and fun. I live from the forest floors, gently rooted in the values of the land I temporarily occupy.  Respect for local Indigenous traditions whereby I know I am a visitor and mostly reside on the unceded Anishinabewaki ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᐗᑭ, Kanienʼkehá꞉ka (Mohawk) and Omàmìwininìwag (Algonquin) native lands (also referred to as the Ottawa, Ontario area in Canada) and I am loving and fostering of it.

I teach a basic love affair with nature magic.  I am also a university professor in communications and a happy mom of a trans woman.  I believe sex and sensuality with and for nature, offers spiritual healing and wellness for our longevity.

For the newly curious, I see nature as erotic. Using mind-breath and body-magic touching and elemental touch - I like to grow kink from the simple body on body and mind imaginings to add the breezes, barks, flower petals, tree trunks and deep mud foraging. It is my belief that what we put to our body and mind during Beltane comes out to the world and is returned as resilience. I delight in offering you a beginner learner experience for climate care, self-care that can counterbalance our own inner aging process’.

Kiki Keskinen

My name is Flame and I use she/her as my pronouns. I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and have lived here all my life. I moved to San Francisco city in 1977 and became a punk rocker involved in the early days of the San Francisco punk rock, leather, and kink scene and had a band named Animal Things. I am part of BASiL (Bay Area Sober in Leather) and am a titleholder for them. I am SF Sober Kinkster 2018. I am a published author, most recently in the anthology by Gede Parma called "Elements of Magic" in which I wrote the chapter on Divination. I also have a memoir/novel called "Our Lady of the Gutters".

In 1990 I discovered the Worship of the Goddess. I  started going to public rituals at Reclaiming San Francisco.

I took Elements, Iron, Pearl and Rites of Passage classes and for many years taught them. I was involved in the Pagan Cluster in direct political actions.

I am also a Feri practitioner.

I served my community on the SF Ritual Planning Cell and The Wheel.

I was initiated and taught at WitchCamps, and am ecstatic to teach at Pleasures of Beltane.

In 1977 I began my journey in the leather, BDSM, and kink communities. I am experienced in rope bondage, impact play, Electro play(as a sub/bottom) and fantasy role play scenes like "The Robber and the Princess" as well as many other kink centered play. My primal self is a Crow, always talking and enthralled by shiny things. I have been doing sex magic for 20 years and my clothing fetish is shiny stuff; rubber, PVC, and chainmail. I am experienced in C/NC play, and love sharp shiny things like knives. I like my ecstatic sexual and sensual magic rituals to include a sense of adventure and fear. I love when my Dom makes me fall over and then catches me before I hit anything.

I identify as a sub, I love the feeling of surrendering myself completely with trust and enthusiastic consent with my play partners. I am a trans woman polyamorous and pan sexual.

I am a coach for those affected by addictions at Rediscovery Coach.

Eleven Greenstones

Eleven Greenstones

I’m grateful to be rooted in queer, witchcraft, social and environmental justice, BDSM and polyamorous communities in Amerika and Australia, which support and shape me and my connections in the web.

I tip my hat to all those who carved the paths I walk and work to keep the trails warm for those that will come, especially the creatives and non-conformists. I’ve educated and entertained for over 25 years from in front of a room, on stage and behind a radio desk or typewriter and continue to find affinity to folks with a radical analysis of Empire, Patriarchy and Capital. I've recently arrived in my father's country and have hosted workshops, facilitated discussion, co-created path and priestexx’d rituals at witchcamps, BDSM/kink/leather events, intentional communities and my own, self-produced programs across Turtle Island/North Amerika.

Scholastic, yet unacademic, dedicated yet unprofessional, my work bears fruit, but it's principally unprofitable. I look to work at the roots for deep justice, to build fertile soils and resilient communities. I rejuvenate through exploration, play and rest... making home everywhere and nowhere, always curious to meet my neighbours in the grassroots.

Hi, y’all! My name is Jynx (she/her), and I live in the rightful lands of the Haudenosaunee, Osage, Shawnee, Hopewell, Seneca, and Monongahela peoples - what is now known as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in Turtle Island/U.S.A. As an active member within the local Reclaiming community and SpiralHeart witchcamp, I strive to live each aspect of my life with radical authenticity in this anarcho-feminist social justice tradition as it grows in love and accountability. I have the honor of serving as SpiralHeart's BIPOC Mentor and as the camp's Bower Priestess.

I am a polyamorous bisexual, sub-leaning switch, rope bunny, exhibitionist and voyeur, and an adorably mischievous Brat. As a passionate writer, poet, storyteller, and ritual dramatist, I absolutely love crafting language as a spiritual offering and as a means of better coming to know Spirit and Self. The foundation of my witchcraft is the importance of Story and Myth in understanding not only who we are and who we’ve been, but also who we have the potential to be. My practice is rooted in devotional poetry, dreamwork, bibliomancy, and rhapsodomancy as personal daily practice. An avid researcher, belly dancer, full-spectrum doula, and activist for comprehensive sex education and reproductive rights, I work primarily with Persephone and Inanna. Having entered my Saturn Return this year and begun Initiation, I am working to heal my individual and generational trauma by connecting more with ancestral traditions, which for me, means exploring relationships with ancestors of blood and entities from my heritages, currently including Anansi and Brigid. I can't wait to share my love of sex magic, ritual erotism, and conscious kink with other curious and adventurous spirits!"