2023 Offerings

Sharon Pink ~ Welcome Back: a Ritual of Magic, Kink and Divination

Leaning into the flirty and seductive whispers of air, what are you called to welcome back? Through rope, bondage and other practices*, we gather in a ritual of welcoming back, or perhaps for the first time, y/our desires, wants and hopes. As music and poetry fills our circle, we use divination to connect with messages that guide our sensual, kinky and embodied practices and re-member our magic and selves.  

*If rope or bondage isn’t your thing, anything from knitting to stretching to flogging will work. All experience levels of kink and perversion are welcomed! 

Folks can be solo, paired or in groups.
Please bring a divination tool and items for your embodied practice.

Kiki Keskinen ~  ‘Sex Alive! Sensuality Let’s Begin Here

Welcome to our workshop designed for individuals who are new to exploring sensuality. We believe that our senses are a gateway to experiencing the world around us, and we invite you to join me in the Air Element this week to discover your own sensual journeys.

During this workshop, we will focus on consent and intention-setting as we explore sensuality with ourselves and with others in a safe and respectful way. Using a combination of mind-breath and body-magic techniques, along with self-touching and teasing, we will cultivate a sense of anticipation and pleasure.

Together, we will appreciate nature's erotic beauty, using fruits, flowers, earth, and olive oil to awaken our senses. We will experience the sensuality of blueberries, the softness of flower petals, the earthiness of mud, and the power of chanting in a sound circle. We will also explore the movements of our bodies as we sway like the breeze.

This gentle and mindful workshop is perfect for those who are beginning their journey towards exploring their sensuality. Whether you come as an individual or as a couple or as a group, I will welcome you with open arms and a experiential mindset. Our aim is to help you fall in love with your senses and to introduce you to the ancient practices of sex care and self-care.

We are excited to offer this workshop, and we hope you will join us for an enlightening and arousing journey.

Please bring writing materials.

Eleven Greenstones ~ The Story of your Body

We often believe we know about other people’s bodies, but can we really? We might label, categorize or assess, often before we're conscious of it. And it can be a real struggle to relish our own bodies when this assessment is in front of a mirror.

An affirming, healing and liberating workshop where each participant is invited in turn to share the story of their body from birth til now, removing articles of clothing as they do, in a circle firmly held in tenderness and respect. Stories might include histories of health and injury, gender, aging, modification, shape and size.

What stories do the marks and folds of your body tell? Please join us and share them. This circle is for participants active in engaged consent and invites nudity in a courageous and non-sexual atmosphere.

Please bring a wrap or other fabric to sit on when naked.

Flame ~ Dreaming the Dark- Companion Self: Accessing & Raising Erotic Energies

Starhawk’s book Dreaming the Dark contains the Companion Self Exercise. I have adapted it for Queer Sex Witches. Through trance and visualization we will find our Companion Selves, interact with them, and use them to complete a current of erotic energies within yourselves, without the need for partners or others. Moving from this state of being to erotic self-exploration whether it be masturbation, sensual touch, BDSM, or negotiating and enthusiastically consenting to share and connect to others erotic energies to link your current is all possible and highly beneficial to the sex magic. A short piece about a specific erotic ritual, the Dance of the Sun and the Moon will be mentioned. Campers should be able to ground, purify, and create a sacred space to do the Sex Magic safely.

Please bring writing materials, a comfortable seat, and a hand mirror.  Depending on how you choose to participate, you might also want to bring lube and a lube towel.

“There was a time when we knew the sacred arts of healing, celebration and devotion through sex. The ancients knew that sex, love and spirit are sacred aspects of all human beings. They knew that sexuality is part of our divine birthright. In our times, a primary challenge is to reclaim our sexuality, transforming and restoring it to a place of honor and sanctity.”

~ Copper Persephone, Bower Priestess and Beloved Ancestor of Spirit


In Reclaiming spaces, the Bower is a sacred space to honor and offer the powerful energy of sex and sensuality to ourselves, our partner(s), the land, and our spirits and deities. In urban cities, Dungeons are safe, structured, and discreet places to experience one’s sexual desires and kinks (which may not include sex at all!) with the guiding support of experienced professionals. In this workshop, we will explore these intersections of sex and spirituality - from the origins with the sacred harlots of deities such as Astarte, Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, and more…to the potentiality for the discovering and embracing one’s truest self, the processing and healing of lived trauma, and the ability to create tangible change in one’s life through the deliberate awareness and channeling of sexual energy. Participants will be invited to break for self- or partnered pleasure in privacy or agreed-upon shared space, and then to return to the workshop to channel that influence of pleasure for pleasure’s sake into a co-created ritual. NO SEXUAL INTERCOURSE OCCURS WITHIN/DURING THIS RITUAL.

Please bring: 1. writing materials; 2. a comfortable seat; 3. your favorite toy that you would like to consecrate for this work; and 4. something symbolizing your chosen spiritual ally in this work (whether that be deity, ancestor of blood or spirit, entity, etc.)