Sexy Tarot!

Pleasures of Beltane Sexy Tarot:

Finding your erotic center via sexy tarot readings 

with your Beltane hosts 

Saturday, March 16th

3pm - 5pm PST (7pm - 9pm EST)

In this 2-hr zoom call, four PoB organizers (Sharon, Starsinger, Stephen, and Rachel) will bring some of their raciest decks to address your queries (query spiciness level is up to you!).  We will start out all in one zoom room.  Each host will introduce their deck and draw one card to set the mood.  Then we will divide up into 4 breakout rooms, one with each host.  Hosts will do personalized intuitive readings for those attendees who want them.  Querents can choose whether they want input from other attendees.

Suggested donation is $20; NOTAFLOF; donate what you can to help us "Send a Witch to Camp"! 

To register: 

please send your paypal donation to  

Include this note in your payment: “Sexy tarot.”