Theme & Story

We slow down to get intimate with the land and our bodies through deep listening, curiosity, and exploration

We slow down

In solidarity with the redwoods, we remember our roots. We call ourselves into the present moment, open to an intimate encounter. We expand our breath and our awareness to taste all potential sensation. We experience time at the pace of a redwood tree - slow and rooted.

What will happen if we touch?

We listen deeply

A raven lands in the branches of the redwood tree. After making contact, we listen with all of our senses for the response. Through the beat of their wings and their resonant voice, the raven leads us to hear what desires are present.

What is the invitation?

We invoke curiosity

At the feet of the redwood tree a creek meanders. We wiggle into every corner just as the waters of the flowing creek. We find the mutual flow, navigating and embracing the stones in our path with the strength and softness of the creek's waters.

What unexpected possibilities may open now?

We explore

Deep beneath the redwood trees' roots lies the expansive mycelium. Our human community weaves a web of connection with the forest fungi. Out and in. Return to self. Relax after exertion. Expand again with the support of the mycelial network to accept all of the new information.

What has changed?

We slow down

We offer gratitude and solidarity to the land and ourselves. We nourish and integrate our intimate encounters. We respect the connection of the mycelial and human networks. We satiate the curiosity of the babbling creek. We heed the calls to desire of the raven. Returning to slowness, our roots, and the pace of the redwood tree.