What is the cancellation policy?

All Campers are requested to make a non-refundable deposit to hold their space at Pleasures of Beltane. Campers are asked to make their deposits immediately following their acceptance with full payment due by February 15, 2024. 

Refund schedule:

*Any Camper who cannot attend Pleasures of Beltane due to USA laws preventing entry will be eligible for a full reimbursement. We ask that you email us at pleasuresofbeltane@gmail.com if this is a potential issue for you. 

What is the Covid-19 policy?

NOTE: This is being re-evaluated and will be updated in 2024*. 

At this time, there will be no vaccine requirement to attend Pleasures of Beltane. We do have to comply with regulations set by the Mendocino Woodlands and we don’t foresee this changing.

We are asking camp attendees to take the risks of Covid and the welness of their fellow attendees seriously and to do your best to minimize risk for the 7 days before attending camp. Knowing that jobs/travel etc. will be different for each, we are asking people to limit their contact with others and especially public spaces and gatherings as much as possible in the 7 days prior to camp. We are also asking people to use masks and other preventative measures if they are required to be in higher risk situations during this time.

Pre-admission and daily Covid tests will be required. This will help everyone feel more comfortable attending camp. Please make sure you bring masks and Covid tests to cover 4 days. If anyone tests positive during camp, they will be asked to leave if they are able to be housed elsewhere or go home early. If that is not an option, we will have some designated cabins for folks to move into and isolate. If this happens we will support these folks by setting up a meal delivery system and supporting any illness needs within our skills and capacity. Anyone who tests positive and is isolating at camp will be asked not to attend any indoor or outdoor camp events or have on-going contact with others. 

*Campers coming from out of the USA will need to comply with the CDC rules for entering the US. As of December, 2022, people need to be vaccinated. Specific requirements are outlined here:

What are the Principles of Unity?

The Pleasures of Beltane camp is a Reclaiming Camp and we request people review and agree to the Principles of Unity, which can be found here: https://reclaimingcollective.wordpress.com/principles-of-unity/.

How can I be less racist at witchcamp?

Reclaiming strives to be an anti-racist community.  Here are 9 ways to be less racist at witchcamp.  They are all based on personal experiences I have had at various camps.  Why "less" racist and not "non" racist?  Because given the white supremacist culture we live in, there is no way to avoid racist conditioning.  Being completely non-racist is not possible; what IS possible is living anti-racist lives of constant learning, growth, and action.

This is a short list, and there are many other things that can be done, but 3x3 is a powerful spell, so use it in good health! 

-Rachel Yukimura

How to be Less Racist at Witchcamp