2024 Offerings


Due to some very unforeseen circumstances, a couple of teachers on our original team can't make it to camp this year.  

We whole-heartedly respect their needs to take care of themselves and their families in whatever ways they see fit!  

We are witches and we weave spells of flexibility and resourcefulness as we navigate our way to a new fantastic teaching configuration.  Stay tuned for more info!

In 2024, Pleasures of Beltane will offer 3 paths over 2 days, described below. 

Campers will select one path for both days.

Kink Still Life Drawing with Shel Stefan

In this path, folx will be guided in inclusive and introductory lessons from an experienced teacher, witch, and nurturing Dom. Basic skills in drawing will be explored and housed in adoration of altar items which highlight fetish, kink, pleasure and leather sacred objects.

The goal is to feel camaraderie in a magical and creative positive environment. All supplies will be provided and no previous experience in drawing is necessary.

Jynx & Rachel

Altar of My Body, Temple of My Mind: Radical Ritual of Pleasure and Pain to Tend the Magic in the Mundane

“I want to worship
at the shrine of everywhere,
want to know every inch
of this earth as an altar –
every walk, a pilgrimage.
Every step, a step
from holy to holy
to holy.”

~ Sacred Ground, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

We are, all of us, living & breathing altars. We are “the Universe experiencing itself”, “spiritual beings having a human experience”, “stars with people names”…

And…it can be hard to remember this truth, let alone to feel it in the depth of our bones. Modern society has increasingly undervalued the human instinct to ritualize our lives, particularly through the egregores of Capitalism, Hegemony, Perfectionism, and Normativity. The world each of us was born into has left little room for the neurodivergent, the aging, the ability-impacted, the queer. How can we tend to our Craft - whether that be spiritual, leisure, vocation, or pleasure - when we barely have time to care for ourselves? And - perhaps even more juicily - how can we practice radical acceptance of the transformative and potentially empowering reality of pain, without losing hope of what might lie on the other side?

This workshop is an opportunity to seek and find ways to infuse pleasure and magic into our everyday routines, whatever they may be. From the smallest act of habitual maintenance - such as brushing one’s teeth, showering, taking our medications, making our tea - to the most dedicated and deliberate ceremonies - sex magic, masturbation rituals, and more - this is a call to make our every act sacred, if we so choose.


What to bring: Check back closer to camp for more info. 

Altar of My Body ~ Temple of My Mind ~ Radical Rituals of Pleasure & Pain to Tend the Magic in the Mundane. The Vetruvian Queer by Elise Hunther


Sex with Nature


I need to feel you

suck you from my lovers mouth

and fill them up again with you


suspire away my shame as I contain you until it is almost to late

then release


to re-spirit

Let’s gasp gulp and giggle

Let’s to snore, sneeze snort and sniffle

air with you I pant, whisper and heave Guardians of the watchtowers of the East feel our body prayers of bliss and resistance know we conspire to respire with you

help me catch my breath


I need you

to feel my heat

friction of bark on skin- sand on skin- fur on skin

Fire let's snap, crackle and pop my desire before breakfast at the rest area

with a hot being in my mouth

in this room right now

Fire teach me of your ways to burn and fuck

spark - flame- embers - ashes

Guardians of the watchtowers of the South

feel our body prayers a blaze with glitter and irreverence

know we alight to insurrection

with you into a trance journey exploring sexual energies and nature, plants and the animals, trees etc., 


I need you

in all of your forms of dripping


Water let’s drool

splash and spray

steam and sprinkle

Water let’s run off together

Dam it

drop by drop by drip by drip

I am learning your preciousness

Guardians of the watchtowers of the West

feel our salivating, lactating squirting prayers for you we are becoming clear in our protection of you

with you



I need to feel you

under me, on top of me an in me

To stick things in you and to stick your things in me

I surrender to the weight of you sometimes

Earth I need your mud in the folds of me

the taste of berries in my mouth and your poison oak on my ass

This body needs to be soiled, muddied and casted in the evening sun Earth my beloved finds you in petrified form and you fuck us apart together

Guardians of the watchtowers of the North

Feel us listen for you and to you

Feel us touch

with you



feel our bodies call to your bodies which are your body and our body you are we are our body are you your body our body

we are you

In sacred space, witches will begin with exploring consent, boundaries and being with nature.  On day two, the invitation is to connect to nature by listening and exchanging sexual and sensual energies for the betterment of this site. Both days will end with fire pit dancing and raising energy. 


What to bring: item for collective altar, clothing to be comfortable outdoors, journal + pen or art supplies, outdoor seat.